Personnel Related Files – Retention Update

As mentioned previously in the February 2010 Newsletter, a change in the law has necessitated a change in the retention period for records concerning the name, address, and occupation of each employee, the wages paid to each employee, as well as records that support or justify pay grades, increases, or decreases.

Originally this retention period was going to be changed from 3 years post-termination to 5 years.  However, after further discussion the retention period is being changed to 6 years from termination date.

What records does this affect?   The following list includes all the Record Group Numbers that have been updated with this new retention period.

This list includes both records directly affected by the law changes (payroll records and supporting documents related to compensation), as well as other records that we believe are typically stored alongside the affected records. In the case of the latter, we’ve changed the retention period for these records to 6 years simply for the sake of convenience.

Affected Records Groups

3.1          Applications and reasoning for hire/non-hire

3.2          Employee discipline records

3.5          Test results required for application/hire

3.6          Physical exam results required for application/hire

3.7          Affirmative Action Plan and supplementary documents

3.9          PT/Adjunct Faculty personnel files

3.12        FT Faculty personnel files

3.13        Tenure packet

3.14        Faculty applications and documentation related to hire/non-hire

3.15        Annual/peer reviews

3.17        Employee benefits records

3.20        Leave of absence records

3.21        Employee occupation, rate of pay, pay tables, etc.

3.22        Employee timesheets

3.23        Vacation/personal day log

3.24        Additions to and deductions from wages + explanation

3.25        Payroll calendar

3.31        Federal W-4

3.32        State W-4

3.34        Wage garnishments

3.39        Name change authorization

3.41        Personnel file documents held by department – unique from information  sent to HR

3.42        Union time cards edited 4/14/10

3.43        OIDE investigation records – complaint related to a person

3.44        OIDE investigation records – complaint related to a policy/process

Not all of these Records Groups may pertain to you.  However, if you are in Human Resources, Academic Affairs, Payroll, Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity, Facility Operations, or any department that keeps staff, faculty or student personnel files including employment applications then you are affected by this new retention period.

Please adjust any practices that may have been based on the prior 3 year retention period.  If you  have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please contact us at


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