June 2010 Fun File Days Are Over!

On May 12, 2010 the call went out to all university departments:  do you have files that you need to get rid of?  Do you have space you need to reclaim?

Forty-seven (47) departments answered the call with a resounding “YES”.

From June 11th – June 18th these 47 departments filled shredding bins and boxes with files in their offices that had reached the end of their retention periods.  In the end, DePaul shredded 15,223 pounds of paper and other media.  That’s 7.61 tons of stuff!

The Lincoln Park Division of Student Affairs – Student Development Office shredded the most with a total of 1,775 pounds.  However, all 47 departments made a nice dent in their obsolete records.  Totals started at 25 pounds and the top 10 departments were:

  1. Student Affairs/Student Development (LPC):  1775 lbs
  2. College of Law: 1550 lbs
  3. LA&S Dean’s Office: 865 lbs
  4. Finance Department: 829 lbs
  5. Student Accounts: 819 lbs
  6. Merle Reskin Theater: 737 lbs
  7. Accountancy & MIS Department: 665 lbs
  8. History Department: 602 lbs
  9. LA&S – Loop Office: 570 lbs
  10. Facility Operations – Loop Office: 432 lbs

Although we encountered some elevator maintenance that limited our ability to replace full shredding bins with empty ones, departments powered through and made do with with they had.

Were Fun File Days a success?  Preliminary comments indicate yes!  The Ray Meyer Fitness Center even provided photographic evidence:

Full File Cabinet Drawer


Empty File Cabinet Drawer


And don’t worry; if you missed this Fun File Day event or you found more files that need to be shredded, the Department of Records Management will host another Fun File Day event this fall. Keep your eyes peeled for the email announcement in October or November!



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