June 2011 Fun File Day Top Ten

A record-breaking number of departments participated in this June’s Fun File Days file destruction event.  59 different departments decided to take advantage of the free shredding services provided by the Records Management department.

In total we shredded 19,921 pounds which equals 9.96 tons.  101 shred bins and 94 boxes went from DePaul to R4 Services so their contents to meet their final demise.

The College of Law Admissions Office shredded the most with a total of 3575 pounds.  That’s almost two tons all by themselves!

Many other departments had respectable showings with the amounts they shredded.  Who were the top ten?

1.  College of Law Admissions – 3575 pounds

2.  College of Law Career Services – 1156 pounds

3.  Steans Center – 857 pounds

4.  Center for Community Research – 822 pounds

5.  College of Communication – 755 pounds

6.  Student Employment/Career Center – 720 pounds

7.  Management Department – 708 pounds

8.  Office of Students with Disabilities – 670 pounds

9.  College of Computing and Digital Media College Office – 628 pounds

10.  Liberal Arts & Sciences Loop Office – 589 pounds

And don’t forget to stay tuned for the winner of the award for the best Fun File Days participation story.  Not everyone can be the College of Law Admissions Office but that doesn’t mean you can’t win a prize!



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