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June 2011 Fun File Day Top Ten

July 6, 2011

A record-breaking number of departments participated in this June’s Fun File Days file destruction event.  59 different departments decided to take advantage of the free shredding services provided by the Records Management department.

In total we shredded 19,921 pounds which equals 9.96 tons.  101 shred bins and 94 boxes went from DePaul to R4 Services so their contents to meet their final demise.

The College of Law Admissions Office shredded the most with a total of 3575 pounds.  That’s almost two tons all by themselves!

Many other departments had respectable showings with the amounts they shredded.  Who were the top ten?

1.  College of Law Admissions – 3575 pounds

2.  College of Law Career Services – 1156 pounds

3.  Steans Center – 857 pounds

4.  Center for Community Research – 822 pounds

5.  College of Communication – 755 pounds

6.  Student Employment/Career Center – 720 pounds

7.  Management Department – 708 pounds

8.  Office of Students with Disabilities – 670 pounds

9.  College of Computing and Digital Media College Office – 628 pounds

10.  Liberal Arts & Sciences Loop Office – 589 pounds

And don’t forget to stay tuned for the winner of the award for the best Fun File Days participation story.  Not everyone can be the College of Law Admissions Office but that doesn’t mean you can’t win a prize!


December 2010 Fun File Days Wrap Up

January 14, 2011

Another Fun File Days event has come to an end with record number of university departments choosing to participate.  Fifty university departments shredded a total of 8,328 pounds (4.16 tons) between December 13th and December 20th.

The faculty and staff in the main office of the College of Computing and Digital Media shredded the most with a total of 657 pounds!  However, many departments took full advantage of the event and shredded equally impressive amounts.  The top ten shredders were:

1.       CDM Front Desk – 657 pounds

2.       CDM Advising – 637 pounds

3.       Financial Affairs – 585 pounds

4.       Facility Operations LPC – 572 pounds

5.       Human Resources – 562 pounds

6.       School of Music – 468 pounds

7.       College of Communication – 348 pounds

8.       Department of Management – 329 pounds

9.       New Student and Family Engagement – 298 pounds

10.  Ray Meyer Fitness Center – 267 pounds

In addition to finishing in the top 10, the School of Music took their participation to the next level by documenting their success with both a poem and photographic evidence.

Ode to “The Vault”

The School of Music here at DePaul doesn’t have much space

Students need the rooms to practice, sing, and study figured bass*.

We store our files in “The Vault”, a tiny space for sure

Simply look in-it’s obvious! The Vault needed a cure!


The School of Music knows of off-site storage for a fee

But we consult these files often and need them close, you see.

Because each inch of space is valued and our storage space is cramped

We looked forward to Fun File Days, to get “The Vault” revamped!


Eight hours in “The Vault”–sorting, stacking, oh what fun!

We had many things to shred, but knew were weren’t done.

Reorganizing files in new spaces we had cleared

We reclaimed cabinets and oh, the floor space! Everybody cheered!

We now have room to store the files of new graduated students

But only for five years — it’s law! (We always practice prudence).

Our offices are cleaner and far less chaotic too,

All because RM said “don’t let old files make you blue!”


We know we aren’t the biggest school with files at DePaul

With over 600 pounds of paper CDM beat us–Oh, the gall!

But here at the School of Music we’re proud of our space reclaimed

And that is why the catered lunch, in our honor should be named!


*Figured bass, or thoroughbass, is a kind of integer musical notation used to indicate intervals, chords, and nonchord tones, in relation to a bass note. Figured bass is closely associated with basso continuo, an accompaniment used in almost all genres of music in the Baroque period, though rarely in modern music.



In addition to the prizes awarded to the College of Computing and Digital Media and the School of Music for their enthusiastic participation, Records Management raffled off Chicago Bulls tickets to one lucky winner!

Overall, Fun File Days were a success and the Records Management Department invites you to consider participating in a future event.

June 2010 Fun File Days Are Over!

July 1, 2010

On May 12, 2010 the call went out to all university departments:  do you have files that you need to get rid of?  Do you have space you need to reclaim?

Forty-seven (47) departments answered the call with a resounding “YES”.

From June 11th – June 18th these 47 departments filled shredding bins and boxes with files in their offices that had reached the end of their retention periods.  In the end, DePaul shredded 15,223 pounds of paper and other media.  That’s 7.61 tons of stuff!

The Lincoln Park Division of Student Affairs – Student Development Office shredded the most with a total of 1,775 pounds.  However, all 47 departments made a nice dent in their obsolete records.  Totals started at 25 pounds and the top 10 departments were:

  1. Student Affairs/Student Development (LPC):  1775 lbs
  2. College of Law: 1550 lbs
  3. LA&S Dean’s Office: 865 lbs
  4. Finance Department: 829 lbs
  5. Student Accounts: 819 lbs
  6. Merle Reskin Theater: 737 lbs
  7. Accountancy & MIS Department: 665 lbs
  8. History Department: 602 lbs
  9. LA&S – Loop Office: 570 lbs
  10. Facility Operations – Loop Office: 432 lbs

Although we encountered some elevator maintenance that limited our ability to replace full shredding bins with empty ones, departments powered through and made do with with they had.

Were Fun File Days a success?  Preliminary comments indicate yes!  The Ray Meyer Fitness Center even provided photographic evidence:

Full File Cabinet Drawer


Empty File Cabinet Drawer


And don’t worry; if you missed this Fun File Day event or you found more files that need to be shredded, the Department of Records Management will host another Fun File Day event this fall. Keep your eyes peeled for the email announcement in October or November!

May 2010 Newsletter

May 7, 2010

Fun File Days

It’s time once again for our spring/summer Fun File Days event!  This year’s Fun File Days week will be June 14th – June 18th. As always, bins will be delivered on that Monday and picked up on the following Monday.  Once again the Records Management Department will be organizing the pick-up and delivery as well as funding all the shredding.  If you’ve been saving up your records just waiting for this event, now’s the time to tell me how many bins you want!  Also, if you have boxes of records sitting around waiting to be shredded you can let me know that, too.  Not sure how many bins you need?  Contact Records Management and we’ll figure it out.  A university-wide email will go out on Wednesday, May 12th with additional information.  If you wish to participate please email by June 7th.

Don’t have any paper or other media to shred?  Why not take some time that week to go through your email, your hard drive, or your shared drives?  Remember, retention periods apply to electronic records as well!

Contract Retention

On April 22nd you should have received an email listing the newly approved and/or revised University policies and procedures.  One of the recently revised policies is Contract Requirements and Procedures.  As part of the revision process the Office of the General Counsel changed the Responsible Department for any contracts that do not require OGC review.  This means that the Records Retention Schedule has been updated to reflect the policy change.  All original contracts must still be retained for 10 years from the termination of the contract but now individual departments may be responsible for retaining them. Please read the revised policy for more information.  These changes are also listed in Record Groups 9.2 and 9.42 in the Records Retention Schedule.  If you have questions, please let me know.

Shredding Statistics

Finally, we have last month’s shredding statistics from R4 Services.  Remember, if you’re interested in overall totals you can always find them at the Procurement website.

Pounds Collected from Executive Consoles


Pounds Collected from 95-gallon bins


Total Pounds Collected


Tons Recycled After Shredding


Environmental Savings

18 Trees

7,406 Gallons of Water

196 Gallons of Gas

63 Pounds of Air Pollution

3.49 Cubic Yards of Landfill Space

4,338 Kilowatt Hours of Energy