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May 2010 Newsletter

May 7, 2010

Fun File Days

It’s time once again for our spring/summer Fun File Days event!  This year’s Fun File Days week will be June 14th – June 18th. As always, bins will be delivered on that Monday and picked up on the following Monday.  Once again the Records Management Department will be organizing the pick-up and delivery as well as funding all the shredding.  If you’ve been saving up your records just waiting for this event, now’s the time to tell me how many bins you want!  Also, if you have boxes of records sitting around waiting to be shredded you can let me know that, too.  Not sure how many bins you need?  Contact Records Management and we’ll figure it out.  A university-wide email will go out on Wednesday, May 12th with additional information.  If you wish to participate please email by June 7th.

Don’t have any paper or other media to shred?  Why not take some time that week to go through your email, your hard drive, or your shared drives?  Remember, retention periods apply to electronic records as well!

Contract Retention

On April 22nd you should have received an email listing the newly approved and/or revised University policies and procedures.  One of the recently revised policies is Contract Requirements and Procedures.  As part of the revision process the Office of the General Counsel changed the Responsible Department for any contracts that do not require OGC review.  This means that the Records Retention Schedule has been updated to reflect the policy change.  All original contracts must still be retained for 10 years from the termination of the contract but now individual departments may be responsible for retaining them. Please read the revised policy for more information.  These changes are also listed in Record Groups 9.2 and 9.42 in the Records Retention Schedule.  If you have questions, please let me know.

Shredding Statistics

Finally, we have last month’s shredding statistics from R4 Services.  Remember, if you’re interested in overall totals you can always find them at the Procurement website.

Pounds Collected from Executive Consoles


Pounds Collected from 95-gallon bins


Total Pounds Collected


Tons Recycled After Shredding


Environmental Savings

18 Trees

7,406 Gallons of Water

196 Gallons of Gas

63 Pounds of Air Pollution

3.49 Cubic Yards of Landfill Space

4,338 Kilowatt Hours of Energy


April 2010 Newsletter

April 16, 2010

Personnel and Payroll Record Retention Update

You may recall from February’s newsletter that discussions were being held regarding a change to the retention period for Personnel and Payroll Records.  The Office of the General Counsel and I have discussed these changes with Human Resources, Academic Affairs, and Payroll.  As detailed earlier in the DePaul Records Management blog, the retention period for most personnel and payroll related records has been updated from 3 years from the date of termination to 6 years from the date of termination.  Please see the blog post for more detailed information as to which Records Groups this affects.  Not all of these Records Groups may pertain to you.  However, if you are in Human Resources, Academic Affairs, Payroll, or any other department that keeps staff, faculty or student personnel files, including official employment applications, then you are affected by this new retention period.  If you are one of the departments listed and you have not yet been contacted directly by me or by the Office of the General Counsel regarding this change, you will be soon.

In the mean time, please adjust any practices that may have been based on the prior 3 year retention period.  If you  have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please contact me.

Records Coordinator Appreciation Breakfast

I also want to say thank you to everyone who attended the breakfast.  Over 20 of you enjoyed food, goodie bags, and learning some tips and tricks for dealing with an overflowing Outlook Inbox.  Regardless of whether or not you were able to attend, if you’re interested in  having me present this or any other records management information to your department, don’t hesitate to ask.  I’m always willing to take my show on the road.

In addition, if you are not currently listed as your department’s Records Coordinator and you think you should be, contact me.  You don’t want to miss out on next year’s breakfast!

Shredding Statistics

Below are the shredding totals for the month of March 2010.  In addition, Procurement has been keeping track of the total amount of paper shredded and recycled since we started using R4 Services in June 2009.  For complete statistics, check out their website.

Pounds Collected from Executive Consoles


Pounds Collected from 95-gallon bins


Pounds Collected from Boxes


Total Pounds Collected


Tons Recycled After Shredding


Environmental Savings

29 Trees

11,792 Gallons of Water

312 Gallons of Gas

101 Pounds of Air Pollution

5.56 Cubic Yards of Landfill Space

6,906 Kilowatt Hours of Energy

March 2010 Newsletter

March 11, 2010

As part of this month’s newsletter we’d like to invite all Records Coordinators to  the annual Records Coordinator Appreciation Breakfast to be held during Records Management Month.  This year’s breakfast will be on April 6th from 9:30 to 10:30 AM.  If you are a departmental Records Coordinator who would like to attend and you have not received an invitation, please contact us at before March 31st. 

Secondly, as you may have already noticed, looks a little different.   That’s because we’re pleased to announce that we’ve gone live with our new website layout!  After much hard work we hope we’ve created a website that is easier to navigate, easier to understand, and that provides you with more useful information.  Stop by and check out the new ways to look for information on records retention.  Take a moment and suggest a blog topic by commenting on this here blog.  Perhaps view a PowerPoint presentation of a training session you may have missed. 

We’re still working on adding a few more functionalities (full text search, anyone?) and tweaking a few things but we just couldn’t wait to share.  We’re also open to suggestions and comments so please feel free to let us know if there’s something that you would like to see. 

Finally, for those of you who like numbers and missed the monthly shredding amount updates, here are the statistics for February from R4 Services:

Pounds Collected from Executive Consoles


Pounds Collected from 95-gallon bins


Pounds Collected from Boxes


Total Pounds Collected


Tons Recycled After Shredding


Environmental Savings

  • 33 Trees
  • 13,405 Gallons of Water
  • 354 Gallons of Gas
  • 115 Pounds of Air Pollution
  • 6.32 Cubic Yards of Landfill Space
  • 7,852 Kilowatt Hours of Energy

Also, Procurement has been keeping track of the total amount of paper shredded and recycled since we started using R4 Services in June 2009.  For complete statistics, check out their website.